And a woman was there who had been subject to bleeding for 12 years, but no one could heal her. ~Luke 8:43


Bleeding Woman.

How would you like to be immortalized forever, in print, with such a name? Can you imagine introducing yourself to a total stranger. “Hello, my name is Bleeding Woman. Very pleased to meet you. How do spell it, you ask?”


It appears as though she wasn’t important enough to have her name in print. Yet this bleeding, broken woman remains historic…her story epic in nature. For 12 long years she suffered. Such was the impact of her tale that a reformed Tax Collector, young Disciple and Greek Physician all wrote about her. This woman’s life was truly of great value. Were it not so, the Healer would not have stopped.

She touched Him.

While on the way to heal a dying young girl, Jesus felt the surge go out from Him. Her touch was important to Him. It captured His attention. She stayed hidden, yet He beckoned her, come. Falling at his feet, trembling, she met compassion, mercy and grace all rolled into one…the One. He restored her to health and set her free from her suffering. Free from isolation. Free from rejection. Free from shame. Free from death. Voila!

He restored her.

In turn, He gave her a new name, “Daughter.” He gave her a promise, “Your faith has healed you.” And He gave her an eternal blessing, “Go in peace and be freed from your suffering.” Peace = wholeness.

Your turn.

What is your condition today? Are you bleeding and broken? Are you hiding? Are you feeling isolated, rejected, abandoned and suffering from shame? Let Jesus give you a new name, set you free and restore you to wholeness. You can trust Him. Go ahead…reach out to touch Him and see.