God, Walmart & A Mexican Wrestler: A Modern Miracle

In the middle of Walmart in Eastern Oklahoma, a modern miracle occurred. The following is a true and honest account of an epic event.


After a 6 year absence, I recently took a trip along with my two daughters to visit family in Eastern Oklahoma.

My desire was to reconnect with my niece and nephews who are now 17, 15 & 11. Relating to teens & pre-teens is similar to climbing a mountain with the wrong gear – not entirely impossible, but more difficult than anticipated.

The Desire

This was especially true with my 17-year-old nephew. He had changed overnight from a young boy into a 6-foot tall man-child complete with full beard. This wasn’t going to be easy, but I was determined to make a connection.

The Connection

Turns out, one of my nephew’s favorite movies is the one about the Mexican Wrestler, Nacho Libre. It also happens to be one of my daughter’s favorite movies. So, on a rare night while gathered together in the living room, a comedic showdown took place.

Like skilled wrestlers facing off in the ring they began a tag team dance back and forth until they had nearly acted out the entire movie. The most amazing part was when he disclosed to us he had only seen the movie one time and did not even own a copy of it. What?

Later that night, my daughter and I both agreed we must buy my nephew his own copy of this movie before returning home. We wanted to leave him with a lasting memory of our time spent connecting over a fictitious wrestler.

And so, God orchestrated a miracle in a way only He can do. He took us to Walmart.

The Mission

Once we arrived at the store, we headed straight for the $5 movie bin in search of Nacho Libre. Movies of every type overflowed the rim in a haphazard mound. This was certain to become a needle-in-the-haystack experience. Undaunted, we began to dig. And dig. And dig some more. We unearthed plenty of cheese, but no Nacho. It seemed hopeless and futile.

The Faith

After several frustrating minutes of digging through the pile, my daughter left to ask for help. She returned to report the store had one possible copy remaining. If it still existed, it was most likely at the bottom of the bin of chaos. My mom was ready to give up and call the match, but my daughter and I wanted to give it one last try. With renewed grit she boldly proclaimed, “I’m just going to pray God will make this movie appear.” I resounded in agreement with a hearty, “Yes!”

The Miracle

Without skipping a beat, I reached my hand into the top layer of movies and pulled out the first one I grabbed and with a victorious cry declared, “Do you mean like this?!” In my hand was the elusive copy of Nacho Libre! We were all three stunned and overjoyed in a single moment.

God performed a modern miracle in the middle of Walmart that day with only three witnesses present. What seemed impossible only moments earlier had miraculously appeared before our very eyes. It was magical, memorable and fun.

Later that evening we presented my nephew with the movie and he was pleasantly surprised. But, after we told him the miracle behind it, a glint of shock and awe came over his face. He understood the odds of probability in this story.

Of course we knew it was never really about the movie. It was about the relationship we longed to have with him, something God cares deeply about.

And our faith increased in great measure that day, all thanks to God, Walmart & a Mexican Wrestler!

When once you get a miracle, you may as well have a great one ~ C.H. Spurgeon








  1. Ditto, sister! 🙂 I’m looking forward to reading more of how God is working in and through your life.

  2. Xochi, thank you so much for your thoughtful and beautiful comment. That is my prayer as well for him. I pray everytime he watches that movie he is reminded of how much we love him but more importantly, how much God does. It was an incredible moment when the movie showed up. But God is a God of great surpises, isn’t He? Love you, Sister! 🙂

  3. It’s a blessing to be reminded that God cares about our needs and knows our hearts. I pray your nephew will see how much God adores him, every time he laughs his way through your offering of love. I pray he will remember how much you care, every time he witnesses the miracle of Nacho slipping into in his “stretchy pants.” LOL! Testimonies of God answering prayers increase our faith, especially when the prayers seem silly to someone who doesn’t realize the deep meaning and heartfelt intent behind the gesture. God cares about the details of our lives. God cares about our relationships. And He just used Nacho Libre and Walmart to prove His lovingkindness, once again! Thank you for sharing your miracle, Tammy. 🙂

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