About Me

A Snapshot

Daughter of God. Wife of one. Mother to three pretty awesome human beings and Nana to three even more awesome humans. Devoted dog mom to two low-riders and owned by one sassy, yet sweet, plus-sized cat.


For 12 years, I have served as a mentor to women who are healing from the wounds of their sexual past. I lead groups in churches as well as in our local prison system. In addition, I am a trained and certified Crisis Intervention Team advocate for our local domestic violence and sexual assault reporting agency.

Fun Stuff

I am passionate about many things, especially life. You will find me trying new things all the time. Some I stick with, others I don’t. I used to think this defined me as a “quitter” but really, I am a “trier,” so I got over it.

My soul ignites most whenever I travel, sing and act in musical theater, write or take long, meandering paddles in my kayak around a calm lake.

Friends and family think I’m funny which is good because I laugh a lot. I am obsessed with all things potato, country, French and Celtic (especially Scottish!), which I blame mostly on my DNA and upbringing.

Writing Projects

I am an article and short story writer, but am clinging to the hope to one day finish my first novel. My mother says she is beginning to wonder if she will ever see it happen in her lifetime. Yeah, it’s sort of like that when writing a novel.

I have published Christian-living articles as a contributor for the online discipleship site, Trochia. Click the link to visit their site and enjoy a variety of articles from various writers.

Thanks for stopping by. Here’s to living a whole life!


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