No Stack Stone

The Hawaiians have a saying, “Kapu…no stack stone!”

Kapu. Forbidden. Taboo.

But it carries with it a much deeper sentiment:

Sacred. Consecrated. Holy.

The island natives believe nature should be left alone…undisturbed. The ground is sacred, holy and consecrated. If a stone falls from the mountainside, it should not be moved from the place where it lands. Sad to say this is often ignored as stacks of stone litter the paths leading to the ocean edge.

It seems we humans cannot resist altering things from their natural state. Logic begs us leave things alone, but our innate desire to rearrange stones into patterns of our own design and choosing are strong. We ignore the warning signs – forbidden…taboo. We fail to honor the sacred, consecrated and holy! As consequence we bear the marks: damaged relationships; distorted truth; poor self-worth; deep remorse; divided family structures; altered religious practices; false reality; death…just to name a few. All symbolic of an eroding landscape.

Stacking stones.

Who are we to think we know a better way – to stack the stones of life into our own pale imitation? This practice began in the garden and now flows all the way down to the jagged edge of the ocean. I examine my own life – mistakes I’ve made; bad choices I’ve promoted; sinful practices I’ve justified. All from my attempt to stack stone my way. After all, it might look better if it were arranged differently; might serve a greater purpose if it were used a different way; might work better if it were moved to a different spot. By my own design though, it still ends up being just a pile of stone and nothing more. What remain are divots of bare earth, stacks of regret and littered edges. I can never put the stones back into their original places now. The ground looks the same every direction I turn. Thankfully, I don’t need to know the full lay of the land.

God knows precisely the place where each stone fell in my life.

I can trust Him to restore every stone back to its original resting place.

I am learning to head the warning sign: Kapu…no stack stone!

Deeper Reflection: What stones have you rearranged in your own life which should have been left undisturbed?



  1. I’m so glad to hear that you ‘get it’ my friend! I, for one, will seldom look at a stack of stones ever the same again. <3

  2. Tammy, I so love hearing your heart. From it come words of wisdom and encouragement in a way that makes me smile and think! My favorite combination! 🙂

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