“But it is the spirit in man, the breath of the Almighty, that makes him understand.” ~ Job 32:8

I absolutely love watching a great performance in action, particularly one that reaches in and stirs at the core of my soul. It could be a singer who emotes with such depth of feeling that every note appears to be divinely inspired. Or a dancer who posses controlled power over her body – making it leap, bend and turn in ways which defy logic.  Held rapt, I am transported in the moment with them. Immersed in wonder. Captured by beauty. A very present moment of joy!  Somehow, I feel myself breathing within breaths. How is this possible? It’s as though I have a middle breath – an invisible breath which hovers, unseen, between 2 natural breaths until something happens to ignite my awareness of its presence.

To me, this is what it is to be indwelt by the Holy Spirit of the Living God. When we are born, life is breathed into our mortal bodies. When we die, it leaves the natural state, supernaturally returning back to the One who gives it. Abiding in between is the middle breath. This is where we come to experience who God is as He relates to us. Who Jesus is as He relates to us. Who we are as we relate to both. Moments of spiritual growth, maturity and understanding all dwell in this long pause as we take in our destination toward eternal life. It is where we have an intimate encounter with the very breath of the Almighty – rushing in and out of us as we inhale a deeper understanding of His nature…His creation…His eternal purposes. In doing so, we gain a deeper understanding of our own nature, existence and purposes according to God’s plan. This is where we learn to breath, in sync, with the Great I Am.

God is the ultimate orchestrator and choreographer of our life. His displays of art are magnificent to observe. Held rapt, we are transported in the moment with Him. Immersed in wonder. Captured by beauty. A very present moment of joy! We are living in between breaths right now. The first has come to pass and the last is yet to be. This time is our middle breath and its rhythms are perfectly measured. After all, the thriving breath of the Almighty Himself dwells within us, unseen, between two natural breaths until something happens to finally ignite our awareness of His presence. So tell me…are you breathing?